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Consumers Love Free Apps

Globally, 90% of apps downloaded are free and this number is only increasing. Ads are the fuel for this free app ecosystem. Both new & experienced app developers are looking for the highest paying ads that are relevant for their users.

Smart Data Led Monetization

Vserv adds a layer of smart data with each ad request, this ensures ad partners can deliver relevant ads to improve engagement rates. Access the best global ad partners & our marketplace, to optimize yield from all your apps.

Why Choose Vserv for Ads

Top Networks

With a single integration with Vserv, you can utilize all ad partners that matter and even get unified reporting. The best ad partners can be selected based on revenue optimization using Vserv auto recommendation or your custom preference.

Global RTB

Enable multiple DSPs to bid on your inventory via our RTB platform. Our smart data layer ensures they pay a premium for every impression.

Vserv Marketplace

Unlock access to a vast advertiser ecosystem across emerging markets like India, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America through our direct sales teams.

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