Vserv AudiencePro™


A revolutionary DMP transforming user interactions into actionable smart data, by building upon numerous online & offline sources.

Key Capabilities of the Platform

Big Data Management

The platform captures billions of ad events from VMAX every day. Having built 500 million unique profiles till date, we augment this with data from sources like telcos, apps, DMPs & offline partners. Managing petabytes of big data using multiple technologies – hive, hadoop, hypertable, couchbase, vertica, redis.

Data Science

AudiencePro™ captures over 80 attributes per user and connects it with data from our partners about the same user. Running multi-dimensional models, AudiencePro™ builds actionable user personas & triggers intent signals.

Deep Integration

The platform can do real-time look up with strategic partners & co-locate servers with them. Partners can then augment this data with our smart data based user personas to generate a new revenue stream.

Custom Audience

Marketers can sync up with AudiencePro™ to connect with prospects & customers using mobile numbers along with other user data. The platform allows upload of encrypted / hashed data. Additionally, use our user personas & intent signals for customized messaging.