“Soon a billion consumers across emerging markets will be using the power of mobile internet to touch & interact with the apps & sites they love. By aggregating and then transforming these interactions, Vserv aims to connect the Emerging Connected Billion™ with relevant offerings from marketers, app developers & telecom operators.”

Vserv Transforms Interactions to Smart Data


Mining through petabytes of big data on the Emerging Connected Billion™ consumers; from multiple sources like telcos, apps, offline partners & DMPs.

500 mn+

Unique User Profiles


Vserv’s proprietary smart data algorithm combines consumer profiles with location, interest, intent, purchasing power & more attributes.




Intent signals from smart data are analyzed by our predictive data model to build & continuously update actionable user personas in real-time.


User Personas

How Vserv Smart Data™ is Impactful

An auto dealer has the purchase intent of a prospective customer who walked in for a test drive and left his mobile number.

Syncing this intent with Vserv’s “Music Lovers” user persona, the Auto dealer can re-market to this customer with a relevant offer for an audio system upgrade.

An online retailer knows that a customer is interested in a new mid-tier Android phone. Vserv qualifies that intent further based on the age of his current mobile device.

A recharge company’s need is to seek users who are in need of a top up. They can reach out to users that give an intent signal of a recharge requirement as they currently have zero balance on their prepaid account.

Leverage Vserv Smart Data™


Drive Results


Maximize Yield


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