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How 1.4 million Indonesians experienced the Samsung Gear S2 on their smartphones


Smartwatches have been slowly but steadily catching on for a while now. The way they augment the smartphone experience, makes them hugely popular among their users. Samsung has had a few successful smartwatches so far and the company was now looking to introduce and showcase its new Samsung Gear S2 (with variants) offering in the Indonesian market.

Indonesia, on the other hand, today has a smartphone market that is ever growing with users spending as much as 129 minutes per day on their devices. Looking at the profile of users who would be interested in a smart watch, smartphone users between the age of 22 and 45 years across genders in Indonesia made for the ideal target audience.

A different smartwatch experience

A mobile ad campaign was chalked out based on this target audience. The idea was to emulate the experience of the Gear S2 smart watch on the user's smartphone screen through an interactive ad. The ad creative would go beyond the usual approach of interactive mobile ads which relied on just swiping, shaking or tapping the smartphone screen to engage with the ad.

Leveraging the rich media capabilities of HTML5, a full screen mobile ad was created that would let the user choose between the two Samsung Gear S2 variants, Classic or Sports. Once the variant was chosen, it would appear in the center on the ad. With a twist gesture on the screen, users could turn the dial on the smartwatch creative, as they would on an actual Gear S2, and experience the features. They also had the option to switch to the other variant at any point during the ad runtime.

If the users liked what they saw, they could even share it with their friends and family on Facebook. The ad also had the option to help the user go the product page on the website and discover more about the product.

Loving the smartwatch experience on a smartphone

In just 20 days of its run time, the mobile ad campaign saw a whopping 1.4 million people engage with the ad. The audience enjoyed the ad a lot and this was evident from the fact that it generated a lot of buzz of social media with close to 8600 shares on Facebook.

The rich media full-screen mobile ad was able to capture the audience attention and deliver the message of their unique variable skins options for both product variants in an interesting manner. The Indonesian mobile users were targeted smartly and the wanted engagements were made.

Here's the video of the Gear S2 campaign:

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