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June 15, 2020

100+ Days of Work From Home: A Learning Curve


wfh image (2)From being a once in a while experience earlier to being a rather long term situation presently, working from home under this lockdown scenario has become the new norm. We at Vserv like many around us have completed over 100 days of working from home. The 100 days have brought with them some chaos, anxiousness, a new found peace, and lots of new learnings.

Here are some of the things that we learnt from our Work From Home experience:

1) Some challenges come with no option but 'Accept & Adapt'

One of the most crucial things we learnt on both a personal and organisational level from this was how to adapt to change. From initial panic to smooth sailings we all stepped out of our comfort zones to deal with the situation head on.

2) Communication is more important than ever.

Communication is key, especially when you need to coordinate with different team-members and different teams all together for confusion-free seamless work. Group huddles, routine team calls are a great way to help maintain accountability and a sense of belonging.

3) Plan to the ‘T’

Organizing and scheduling is the way to go to optimise your daily productivity. It is important to follow normal work hours at home to tackle your to-do list.

4) You are your own manager

Self-managing and self-motivation is what will help you remain productive and also help you acclimate to this situation. Setting realistic goals and timelines and sticking to it is one such necessary self-management task. Some degree of autonomy will go a long way while working from home.

5) Work from home just like you work from the office

To avoid WFH burnout one must set and maintain social and temporal boundaries. Putting on work clothes everyday, maintaining a meal routine and sticking to work hours are examples of such boundaries.

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6)By you, to you, for you

For organizations to effectively engage employees, community building by sharing relevant information and having an open conversation to instill a feeling of oneness in this time is of utmost importance. We started our very own Vserv Connect WhatsApp group to stay connected by sharing our tricks and tips to get through lockdown along with some fun and quirky content generated from our Vserv Team-mates.

7) Recognise, Reward and Celebrate

Working from home should not stop one from rewarding and recognising the efforts and good work of the team. Recognition (whether small or big) and appreciation fuels our zeal, keeps us motivated and makes us want to do better everyday. We have been applauding and recognising team-players who have gone above and beyond their responsibilities in these trying times. Similarly, we have also been celebrating our team-mates birthdays through zoom calls and Facebook posts to make them feel extra special.

8) Start a dialogue

The importance of face-time is unparalleled. Boosting a sense of camaraderie and togetherness helps us go a long way. One way of doing so is through regular discussions and open conversations between managers and teams. Motivating and overcoming challenges have been possible due to such closed group conversationsĀ  Additionally being addressed by the management heads instills a sense of comfort and pride, keeping this in mind we scheduled a virtual Townhall meeting where the entire workforce came together to interact and discuss different things.

9) To a brighter future

Positive outlook with a focused mindset will ensure clarity of mind and matter. The ability to avoid distractions and focus on tasks is monumental while working from home. An optimistic attitude is key to get through these unfamiliar territories.

10) Reinvent, evolve and overcome

While we change and adapt, we must also look at changing and evolving our business proposition, products to cater to the new post COVID world. Customizing and optimising your services with retrospect to the current and predicted conditions will every business thrive. We at Vserv aim to continuously evolve our products and solutions as the new normal dawns upon us.

Working from home comes with its pros and cons, infrastructure restraints such as the lack of well-defined work spaces, slow internet is something all of us have faced during this time. An excess of screen time along with the lack of some well needed office banter and refreshing casual conversations can also be added to this list of cons. But work from home has also taught us to work more efficiently, we are now churning out more and more work in the same 9 hours opposed to what we did before. The energy conserved from travelling and other such mundane tasks can now be utilised to produce more quality work.

As much as we have learnt for our work from home experience, we can’t wait to get back to office and enjoy a steaming cup of chai or coffee with our colleagues. At times like these one realises the true importance of having a strong, supportive and encouraging organization. Kudos to all the hardworking, determined and focused individuals who are keeping things afloat and thriving. Here’s looking forward to a better, brighter and less socially distant future!











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