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12 days of Christmas: The time to tap the online shopper is now


Indexed growth in weekly ad requests vs avg sales upliftIt's that time of the year. Secret Santa at workplaces and everyone's already making their Christmas and New Year plans. However, this is also the season of gifting and it brings out the shopping mood of the consumers in full force.

It's little wonder then, that a Criteo industry estimate for 2015 suggests that the best time to tap the online shopper in India is the week before Christmas when the sales uplift is the highest at around 36%. When they are shopping online, mobile is where these consumers are with numbers suggesting that 40% of online shoppers browsed the country's major E-commerce sites through their mobile devices.

If you are a marketer, pay attention to these consumers as a lot of impulsive buying is coming your way. They will be intensively searching E-commerce websites for gifting ideas and while they do, they are scouring for the best deals that they can find.

Therefore, get your retargeting campaigns up, because online shoppers are said to be more receptive to mobile ads around this time. In fact, our exchange data suggests that last year witnessed a 109% indexed growth in ad request, while average sales uplift was as high as 32%. So if they engaged with your ad, looked at a product and decided otherwise, now is the time to reach out to them again.Users hiighly engaged over weekends
However, this growth in ad requests also substantiates another aspect of the online shoppers' behavior. Their online shopping activity picks up somewhere around Wednesday and reaches its peak on Sunday. Arguably, most consumers with jobs are the busiest at the beginning of the week, and as the weekend approaches, most of their celebration plans fall in place.

So if you are marketer looking to make the most of your mobile marketing strategy, now is the right time. However, remember to use the right ad format to promote the right product as it can make a world of a difference to how your target shopper goes from discovering to buying.

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