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3 must know facts about the Southeast Asian smartphone user


mobile marketing in Southeast Asia featured imageToday's smartphones do a lot more than they did ever before. They help us stay informed. They guide us, be it the nearest restaurant or petrol station or a far off destination that we're traveling to for the first time. They also help us monitor our health. And when we're bored or need some fun, they also keep us entertained and engaged.

All this has made smartphones such an integral part of our daily lives that a person uses a smartphone almost throughout the day and people today use their smartphones for almost everything in real life that has a digital extension. If marketers are looking to engage today's always connected consumers, there could not be a medium better than smartphones to do so. In fact, a recent Epionion Global survey tells us that almost 50% of Southeast Asian smartphone users between the ages of 15 to 44 years use their devices to research information about brands and products they want to buy.

As a marketer, the opportunity is ripe for you. But before you jump onto the mobile marketing bandwagon and go about pushing mobile ads to these users, here are three things that you must keep in mind when engaging the Southeast Asian smartphone user.

1. Not personalized, not relevant = Not Impactful
When asked if mobile advertising was to become mandatory, 77% of the survey respondents said that they would prefer personalized ads or ads of their choice, while 60% would prefer entertaining ads or ads which reward them for watching. It would therefore help marketers with a platform that can give in-depth insights into users, their personas and intent so that they can create marketing campaigns that are highly personalized and relevant to these users. In today's data-driven era running after users with very little understanding of them would be like shooting in the dark.

2. Choice of ad formats is critical
Findings from the survey suggest that native ads in news feeds, animated pre-roll and mid-roll video ads that do not hamper the overall user experience are highly engaging for consumers. Marketers chalking up a creative plan for their mobile ad campaign must get very creative not just with their ad content but the choice of ad format so that they offer ad experiences, that are not just personalized, but highly immersive and engaging.

3. Ads that appreciate the consumers
As many as 59% of the surveyed smartphone users said that they would engage with mobile marketing campaigns that reward them. 45% love mobile marketing campaigns that offer free entertainment. These users were more open to subscribing to branded content that was focused around the things they love such as, music, self-improvement tips, chat app stickers and even recipes.

Furthermore, while engaging these users, marketers should offer ad experiences that persuade users towards an intended action: visiting the website, sharing the ad, or making a purchase. The survey observes that this can be achieved effectively through ad campaigns that offer discounts, prominently highlight the uniqueness of the product or features, or include the presence of a celebrity. Furthermore, social media integration and clear call to action buttons in rich media ads can help marketers achieve the desired outcome.

Therefore, in order to achieve maximum results for their mobile marketing campaigns in Southeast Asia, it is absolutely essential that marketers offer ad experiences that are not just highly personalized and relevant, but also very engaging and rewarding at times.

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