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December 21, 2016
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January 3, 2017

4 surprising facts about female mobile gamers in India


When it comes to digital gaming and who games more, men or women, the outlook towards it has generally been myopic. There is a strong gender bias that subscribes to the notion that gaming is largely popular among men. Therefore, you can be forgiven for thinking that even mobile gaming is a male-dominated activity, but you could not be more wrong, especially when it comes to India.

  • According to a recent study by Mauj Mobile titled Inside India's Gamers, 50% of women display multi-platform gaming behavior when compared to 67% of males
  • Although they account for only one-third of the mobile Internet users in urban India, women spend twice as more time on mobile games than men
  • 59% of them are in the age group of 30 as opposed to only 24% of male mobile gamers who are from the same age group
  • 63% of the women mobile gamers play daily. 98% of them play when at home while 25% of them play while commuting. Again for those who think that the higher amount of gaming activity at home would suggest that most of these gamers would be home-bound, only 46% of these female mobile gamers were home makers

This means that for the marketers reading this, when it comes to mobile gaming, here's an audience whose potential for responding to mobile marketing is very high but one that largely remains untapped.

And what better way to engage this audience than to use rewarded video ads that are known to almost always result in high engagement from mobile gamers. In fact, a study by Unity suggests that 46% of mobile prefer rewarded video ads as compared to 29% for full screen interstitial and 20% for banner ads.

Therefore, it's time to shift focus to the female mobile gaming population of the country because they are the key to unlocking a new level of success in mobile marketing.

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