In today’s connected world, the amount of digital content we create and own is increasing exponentially. With our multiple computing devices (PC / Mobile / Tablets) always connected, storing all of our digital content in the “cloud” is seeming to be the most practical approach. By 2016 Global IP networks will deliver 12.5 petabytes every 5 minutes! Ukraine based company, 4shared had the clairvoyance to see this gigantic data wave coming and founded their company way back in 2005.


4shared initially started out as an innovative file hosting & sharing service. With consumers shifting from desktop to their mobile devices, going mobile was the next logical step. It all began a few years ago with the release of the 4shared mobile app for Symbian & iOS platforms. Since then, 4shared has developed apps that have been well received globally, across all platforms, garnering millions in downloads. Their latest offering is a cloud storage service called 4Sync, other popular apps from their stable include 4shared for Android & 4shared Music.

Innovation is best defined as “change that adds value”. 4shared is one company that had the foresight to innovate ahead of it’s time. Collaborating with the visionaries at 4shared in their app monetization journey is a real privilege for us. The team at 4shared states, “Vserv makes monetizing much more simpler than other Ad-Networks with their products like AppWrapper. In addition the highly experienced and professional team at Vserv are a real pleasure to work with. We look forward to continue working with them on our future projects.”

Fact File
Name 4shared
Location Ukraine
Connect Website, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus
Apps AndroidApp Store

Inspired by internet giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter etc they constantly keep encouraging future innovators to keep pushing and improving their products and ideas. 4shared believes that change is inevitable and new challenges & opportunities are always around the corner.

With ambitious plans ahead, we are certain that the innovative think tank at 4shared will continue building apps that will make our lives, in today’s connected world, even simpler!

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