Vserv 8 cool ways mobile will get hotter in 2016 featured
8 cool ways mobile will get hotter in 2016
December 29, 2015
Internet in India is mobile internet featured
In India, Internet = Mobile Internet
January 12, 2016

8 Cool Ways Mobile Will Get Hotter In 2016


This article is an authored piece by Dippak Khurana, Founder & CEO, Vserv

Mobile has been the star of the year 2015 and will continue to shine through 2016. In my opinion, these are the key trends that will drive the mobile marketing industry in the coming year –

1. Smarter data, sharper results: Today, we are living in an ‘On-demand economy’ and companies such as Airbnb and others have made the concept of shared economy a reality. Similarly, in the mobile marketing space, “data-pooling” will become a reality in the coming year. Today, rich data is sitting at multiple places such as Telcos, E-commerce firms, Taxi apps and others. All of these companies possess certain insights on customers. In 2016, we will see a scenario where data from multiple sources are integrated with each other. This integration will enable marketers to derive richer insights on their users. That said, potential partnerships can emerge between companies who have data and those that can monetise this data. Ad Tech firms will be at the forefront of this trend and will bring together data sets from multiple sources.

2. ‘Apptimization’ is coming: While 2015 saw ‘Appification’ gain momentum, we will witness the shift to an era of ‘Apptimization’ in 2016. E-commerce and mobile-first companies will start evolving their campaign objectives and focus on value creation over just user acquisition. In the current scenario, marketers cannot force their ads on customers in order to see traction; instead they have to provide a compelling offer to make them use their products and services using predictive analysis. Marketers will now focus more on attribution modeling, engagement metrics, LTV and active users. You can read the full story on The Economic Times, Businessworld, The Hindu Business Line, Ad Age & The Huffington Post.

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