Here is a simple question : In which country can you find the highest density of Startups on the planet?

Right about now you are probably thinking of the US with all the startup culture in California, unfortunately you are focusing on the wrong side of the planet. The correct answer is a small country spread around 8,500 sq mi in the Middle East called Israel.  In fact Israel has been called by many as the Startup-Nation.  It’s home to some great mobile startups like Waze, Snaptu & CodenameOne. Mazel Tov!

mumblefish-vservIf anything, entrepreneurship is extremely contagious. More startups and startup success stories just breed more startups. It’s hard to be surrounded with so many startups and not get bitten by the bug. Two guys who caught the bug together were Adi Alhadeff & Ron Barak, who decided decided to build a company with a single goal in mind, creating exciting and engaging mobile games. With that goal they launched MumbleFish in 2010, starting up by focusing on J2ME platform to maximize global reach. Once they tasted success, they expanded to Android and iOS. Their most popular app Scary Cam, has been downloaded more than 2 million times and is available both for Java & Android.  They now have a portfolio of 12 apps across all major platforms.

Fact File
Name Mumble Fish
Location Israel
Connect Website, Facebook
Apps Opera Store

While they do sell some of their apps, the major source of revenue has been from ads on their apps powered by the AppWrapper. Adi states “ is a great Ad Network and we love working with them as they actually deliver on their claims of high eCPM, higher revenues and assistance with distribution”. He also states that the AppWrapper is a great tool for super simple Ad integration, and as a Startup the time it saved them is invaluable!

One of their biggest inspirations has been other indie developers like Runner Games, Get Set & Italy Games who create brilliant apps & games. They are getting some of their top games to Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. They are all out gamers and mobile nerds who love their mobiles and spend a lot of time on their PS3.

We hope that they reach their goal swiftly to join the list of top startups from beautiful Israel.

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