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Adidas delivered a mobile marketing slam dunk with this ad campaign in Philippines


Famous basketball player, Derrick Rose was making a return after missing in action as a result of an injury. Adidas was looking to celebrate the return of Derrick Rose through the launch of the DRose 6 (named after the basketball player) sneakers in Philippines.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in Philippines and sees a strong following by the country's population. A major chunk of this population also happens to be heavy smartphone users. Therefore, a mobile ad campaign targeting Filipino men between the ages of 18 to 35 was the best way to reach out to this audience and engage them.

It's about strength and perseverance

The idea behind the mobile ad campaign was to effectively showcase the fighting spirit in Derrick Rose's comeback story through the ad creative in the most engaging and interactive manner. To bring this campaign to life, an interactive HTML5 ad was created that featured the silhouette of a person surrounded by a few power words.

Some of these words were negative while others were positive. The ad would prompt to erase the negative words by swiping over them. Doing so would reveal the silhouette of Derrick Rose. The idea aim was to reflect the thought that the basketball player get past the negativity during his down time and fought back to action with a positive spirit.In post image

The following screen would reveal new Adidas DRose 6 sneakers in two variants (Grey and Black). This screen also featured buttons that would allow users to share about the new sneakers on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The users could also find more about the product by clicking 'See More' that would take them to the product page on Adidas website.

A positive impact

This mobile ad was enabled for mobile web and in-app inventories for premium set of local publishers to ensure the ad reaches a wide range of relevant audience. The target media was decided based on media usage consumption pattern of target users.

The ad struck such a great chord among target consumers that 4.6 million impressions and received more than 50,000 clicks. 30% of the mobile users remained engaged till the end of mobile ad.  It created a strong positive emotion about Derrick Rose's return and it was carried over to the launch of the DRose 6.

The ad managed to create a lot of buzz around the return of the basketball champion among Filipino sports enthusiasts and the brand was able to capitalize on this excitement for the launch of its new sneakers.

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