Kenya has witnessed a serious transition in the past 10 years – financially, culturally, politically and most importantly technologically. From establishing a successful & functional democracy; to being named the third most sought after tourist destination in Africa; to developing the most advanced financial apps, Kenya has definitely come a long way. Riding high on this evolution wave is Allan Mosiro, an upcoming App Developer & Mobile enthusiast.Allan Mosiro

Mosiro began his journey around two years back by developing basic visual apps and websites. It was when he was accidentally introduced to mobile programming by a friend that captured his interest immensely & provoked him to pursue Developing Apps. He went on to take up an advanced course at Emobilis on Mobile App Development that helped him learn, understand and use new platforms like j2me, Android and Windows. He soon established his own business venture, Technikol You, and began churning out mobile apps and websites. As of today, Mosiro is a publisher at the Ovi Store, Opera and Mobango; and has developed many apps like Cool Puzzle, Bubble Squash and Shark Invasion.

Mosiro’s biggest challenge so far has been monetizing his apps. After a year of working with various ad networks he stumbled upon Vserv. Mosiro states, “Working with has been the best choice so far as the revenues I have earned are a 100x better than what I witnessed with other ad networks! Monetizing my apps & games with the AppWrapper has been a wise decision & I look forward to receiving more benefits from this collaboration.”

Fact File
Name Allan Mosiro
Location Kenya, Nairobi
Connect Website
Apps Nokia Ovi, Opera, Mobango

Mosiro derives his inspiration and strength from Gaming companies like Hyperkani and Rovio who have continued to develop brilliant products in the market and set a benchmark for many more like him. We are sure Mosiro has an exciting future ahead of himself in this space & it is our pleasure to associate with such passionate developers. Here’s wishing him all the very best!

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  1. Patrick says:

    This is great, congratulations to my friend Allan Mosiro!!!

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