There is no right age to become an entrepreneur. Africa’s mobile ecosystem today is fast becoming a hub for young passionate individuals ready to take the entrepreneurial leap. 22 year old Kenyan student Andrew Mainga did exactly this.  Andrew’s foray into mobile app development began after receiving a certificate from eMobilis (a mobile development college). This was followed by a stint in app development at Shimba Technologies in May 2011. While at Shimba, Andrew got hooked on to using Whatsapp. He was inspired by the simplicity and reach of the app. This convinced him of the power & influence of mobile apps and led him to founding Drewapps.


Andrew’s passion for interactivity is very evident from the apps that he has developed. One of his most popular creation is sports app The League. It was the most downloaded sports app on the OVI store. His other popular apps include My Chat & Capital Cities.

The mobile ecosystem, especially in Africa, is extremely vibrant and we are extremely bullish on the potential of young talent in these markets. We are delighted to back a dynamic go-getter like Andrew in his app monetization journey. Andrew, initially tried selling his apps and was not satisfied with the revenues and growth generated, that’s when he decided to use in-app advertising. Andrew states, “I have used a couple of other mobile advertising solutions but is the best. Using their AppWrapper technology is super easy and hassle free and the best part is the revenues that I earn are great. I look forward to having a long working relationship working with them.”

Fact File
Name Drewapps
Location Kenya
Connect Website, Facebook, Twitter,
Apps Ovi, Opera

Inspired by his parents, his former boss Steve Mutinda and Mark Zuckerberg, his advice to fellow peers is to form clear well defined goals and pursue them relentlessly for success.

Andrew is currently pursuing a degree in Software engineering at Kenyatta University. Having started out early on the entrepreneurial path, we are sure that Andrew will inspire many more developers in Africa to follow his cue & build their own entrepreneurial success stories. We wish him and his apps all the best for the future.

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