Life can be a chore at times and we all have our ways of getting away from it. At times we even want to have alternate realities where we can be superheroes and save the world or race down a winding road at breakneck speed. One medium that enables us to experience these alternate realities is video games. Given the right game we can be anyone and experience any emotion. Two Pune based game developers Swaroop Kumar & Luell Lopes set out to do just that.


Having honed their skills at Gameloft, they decided it was time to go out on their own and secured funding to realize their dream, founding AppOn in Feb 2012. Within a short span of time AppOn has made a mark for itself with it’s apps garnering close to 14 million downloads across Ovi & the Google Playstore. Their vision for AppOn is to constantly develop games & apps that are absolutely free to the end user. Their popular apps include: Mafia Driver, Defend The Bunker, Mancala, Jetpack Soldier.

As partners, we have absolutely loved watching the pace at which AppOn has grown! It is our pleasure to help the ambitious team at AppOn in their app monetization journey. Commenting on our partnership, the good folks at AppOn say: “ is our most valuable partner when it comes to monetizing our apps since their unique AppWrapper solution is extremely simple, yet powerful! It has not only helped us monetize our apps but at the same time allowed us to focus on building amazing new apps by greatly simplifying ad integration.”

Fact File
Name AppOn
Location India
Connect Website, Facebook,
Apps Ovi, Google Play

Inspired by game development majors Gameloft & Glu Mobile, their advice to fellow peers is to keep playing a lot of games and focus on understanding the true mentality of a gamer to be successful.

With ambitious plans & powered by passion, we are sure that AppOn will continue to “Game On”!

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