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July 9, 2012
Seeing is believing!!
July 24, 2012

AppWrapper™: More Super Powers. Same One Click Awesomeness!

Now offering comprehensive App Monetization across Free & Paid models – in One Click!  

 For the last two years, AppWrapper™ has “WOW”ed developers across the world as the SIMPLEST and most powerful platform to monetise their apps via Premium Ads enabled in ‘One Click’!

Developers have loved our ‘One Click’ approach, leading to the Vserv AppWrapper™ powering ads in over 10,000 apps and generating ~$5 eCPM monetization!For a developer, it is always a difficult decision between choosing their app to be offered for free OR as a paid download, since changing from one model to another always has significant cost & coding effort barriers.

Given our tremendous experience in the space, we jumped at the opportunity to solve this dilemma for developers. We thus created the next AWESOME version of the Vserv AppWrapper™ – which now offers a combination of both – paid & free models running in parallel, thus eliminating the pricing dilemma for developers while maximizing App monetization.

The new paid monetisation ‘Super Powers’ enabled by the AppWrapper™ are:

  • Try & Buy – This option enables developers to offer free trial sessions to the user, thus allowing the user to experience the app before paying for it. Developers can configure the number of trial sessions and also enable ads during such trial sessions.

  • Pay per Play – This micro charging approach allows developers to charge users per session of the app, instead of purchasing the full app. By lowering the entry barrier, users easily participate in such a model and developers can subsequently target a larger market thus growing his/her revenues.

  • Micro Subscriptions – With this, developers can enable daily / weekly / monthly access to Apps thus allowing ongoing revenue. The AppWrapper™ checks users ‘subscription status’ in real time and allows access to the app only if the user is currently ‘active’ on the subscription.

Not only that, we also decided to allow developers the choice to connect into any billing mechanism – be it direct telco billing from mobile operators like Vodafone, or App Stores like Nokia and Android Market, or additional 3rd party ones that we continue to integrate!

Such micro transaction based pricing models are ideal for targeting the vast majority of prepaid mobile users in emerging markets, and the Vserv AppWrapper™ allows developers to enable it, in parallel with advertising based monetization, to maximize their revenue.

This makes us the first and only company, to offer comprehensive App monetization in One Click, across both – micro transaction based paid models and premium advertising based monetization, to create a compelling App monetization approach.

As part of the launch we already have signed up Vodafone, Jump Games, Nazara, Indiagames amongst others! You too can signup at

We are sure that our One Click approach to comprehensive monetization will offer tremendous flexibility in go-to-market strategies and help developers, content providers ramp up very quickly across geographies.

For any clarifications / feedback / thoughts on this new AWESOME version of AppWrapper™ – write in to us at or signup at

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