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How Axe helped Thai male consumers choose the fragrance that best matched their style


What if the deodorant you wore matched your personality style? Wouldn't that make you the ultimate magnet for the ladies? Now that we've got you excited, let us talk about how this can happen. Axe, the globally renowned male grooming products brand launched two new deodorant variants Axe Dark and Axe Gold in the Thai market.

Axe wanted consumers to pick either of the two fragrances based on their personality style. Both these products were targeted towards the Thai male population in the age group of 20 to 34 years. The objective of the campaign was to understand which of the two deodorant variants did consumers prefer, in a seamless and real-time manner.

What's your personality style?
We decided to create a full-screen rich media mobile ad that would pose questions to consumers on their style and behaviour. Based on user inputs, we took the opportunity to select a fragrance for the consumer.

Thai men are traditional in nature and do not prefer trying out deodorants in public. They also find it difficult to pick the perfect fragrance that would make them more attractive to women. Axe wanted to help them do just that.

Our mobile ad campaign was designed to help Axe reach a wide target audience. We also received real-time feedback through a dynamic voting system, where relevant coupons were pushed to users in order to drive sales.

Discovering the fragrance that matches your style
The campaign was conceptualized in two phases. Both phases of the mobile ad campaign were pushed on mobile web and in-app across premium publishers in Thailand. We targeted users on entertainment, dating & gaming related media publishers to capture their attention.

In the first phase, the objective was to get users to discover and vote for their preferred Axe fragrance. Users were asked questions such as; What's your style? How would you impress a girl? How do you like to party? Based on these behavioral / personality traits, users were suggested the Axe variant that best matched their personality in real-time and the vote was registered. They were then encouraged to watch a video that provided further details about the product.

In the second phase, we retargeted users who had expressed interest in the product in the first phase of the campaign. We offered them exclusive discount coupons for relevant and interest-based offerings.

Identifying the sweet scent of success
The campaign fulfilled its overall objectives and was a huge success with Axe receiving 2,30,000 votes in the first phase itself. In the second phase, more than 50% users downloaded the coupons which showcased their intent to purchase.

The campaign received a total of 3,46,000 clicks and a CTR of 2.93%. Both product variants, Axe Dark & Axe Gold competed neck to neck for the most preferred variant position; however Axe Dark was the winner with a marginal difference over Axe Gold.



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