Our CEO on the Value of Recruiting
May 14, 2014
Phan Văn Khanh (Vietnam) – Developer of the Week
May 19, 2014

Being unreasonable is my work mantra—how much can I stretch myself.


Dippak Khurana, 41, began his entrepreneurial journey in college by selling t-shirts of rock bands which made him quite popular. His business forays since then have been quite varied though—he began a poultry farm venture in Jamshedpur and then spent 17 years in new media, first helping Times of India launch its online portal and then building mobile platforms for Yahoo and Mauj Mobile. Through his corporate life, the entrepreneurial itch was a constant. So, in January 2010, he co-founded, a mobile advertising exchange, with Ashay Padwal, a former colleague. The past four years at Vserv have been exciting. Last year they served 386 billion ad requests across 200 countries, a rise of 56 per cent from their first year. Khurana believes his penchant for the unreasonable—unreasonable ambitions, unreasonable effort and unreasonable expectations have coded Vserv's steep rise. Read the entire interview on Inc. India.


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