Vietnam is undoubtedly amongst the fastest growing Mobile App & Gaming destinations in the world. Increase in Smartphones sale (a growth of 50% as compared to last year!), strong 3G infrastructure, rise in gaming apps, compelling mobile content etc are factors that contributed in boosting the development of the Mobile App industry here.

According to our recent report on Mobile Internet Consumer – Southeast Asia 2013, over 1/3rd of mobile internet users in Vietnam are Students! Making the most of this boom is ‘BestAppForAsha’ – a company founded by a team of students who aspire to work in the growing Mobile App industry and seize the opportunities it has to offer.


Like most developers and publishers, ‘BestAppForAsha’ also faced a tough time when it came to monetizing their apps and discovered Vserv while resolving this problem. Their team states “We received great assistance from the team at Vserv and that inspired us to continue our association with them which made us see great results. Vserv’s AppWrapper is extremely easy to understand and is very efficient. The time it saved for a Startup like ours has been very instrumental in our journey of monetizing apps.”

Fact File
Name BestAppForAsha
Location Vietnam
Connect Facebook
Apps Nokia Ovi

‘Imagination is the key to Creativity’ – a thought this young and dynamic team endorses to achieve their dreams. Their ambition to become a BIG mobile software company in the future is an inspiring one for many other budding companies. We are pleased to work and associate with such a passionate & talented team in the mobile app space and wish them all the luck in their future ventures!

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