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March 10, 2014
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March 20, 2014

Ahmad Ababneh (Jordan) – Developer of the Week


Jordan's involvement in technology & communications has seen a commendable boost in the last few years. They are introducing technology to strengthen the foundation by implementing Apps as a new way of learning in classrooms at schools. With a firm belief in starting young, Jordan has started various App Development workshops & competitions that encourage teenagers to think out-of-the-box & participate in them. It is hardly surprising that the country comes up with some of the most creative applications seen in the market today. Ahmad Ababneh is one such player trying to make his mark.

Ahmad Ababneh is a mechanical engineer with a passion inclined towards Internet & Mobile technology. His decision to hunt for a job was influenced from the belief that you need to have contacts to get a job in Jordan. Coupled with his want to do something of his own, he started developing apps for mobile platforms.

When he started off in 2007, Ahmad was working in the affiliate marketing space where he faced initial difficulties as he wasn't equipped with much knowledge on app development & learnt only on the job. Soon after he spotted success in the Android market, he quickly cashed on to this opportunity & started developing apps for the Android platform in 2012. Today Ahmad has based most of his operations online. He hires his team, develops his apps & takes his assignments on the web. Some of the most popular apps developed by Ahmad & his team include Voice changer, Lie detector, Broken screen trick & Fingerprint lock apps.

While talking about his app monetization issues, Ahmad says, " We use Vserv for monetizing our apps as it has a great product value & provides timely support to us whenever we need it. We have found a marked increase in our revenue ever since we started using Vserv for our apps & are extremely happy with it."

Fact File
NameAhmad Ababneh
ConnectFacebook, Website
AppsPlay Store

Ahmad firmly believes that everyone has to keep trying to do their bit and success will eventually come to those who don’t give up. "It is very important to keep discovering new things & grabbing opportunities as they come. I'd wants to pass on the same mantra to my fellow app developers as well.", he further added.

As of now, Ahmad wants to establish himself & his company as a global brand that belts out some of the most innovative games & applications in the market. We sure can expect a lot many things from him & would like to wish him all the luck in turning his dreams into reality.

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