CP Seminar featured imageThe mobile entertainment landscape has seen a dramatic change over the past few months. The mobile consumer too has evolved and is making informed choices about content consumption on mobile. This means that mobile entertainment marketing partners today need to go beyond the conventional ways of delivering mobile entertainment ad campaigns and reach out to the mobile consumer with campaigns that are clear, precise and at the same time, highly creative and engaging.

With this mind, we are organizing a seminar for our partners from Mumbai at the Vserv office on November 14, 2014 at 4 p.m., to educate them and promote new and creative ways of designing mobile entertainment ad campaigns that better engage the mobile consumer and therefore translate to higher conversions.

The seminar features discussions around:
1. Creating impactful banner ads
2. Smart strategies for utilizing smartphone and smart feature phone screens
3. Enabling better conversion through smarter communication
4. Tips and ideas for clear and correct communication and creativity

We are hoping that the seminar will encourage our partners to adopt creative strategies to develop mobile entertainment ad campaigns that will engage the mobile consumer effectively, and draw higher click through rates, thereby ensuring maximum value generation from these campaigns.

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