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November 19, 2014
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November 20, 2014

E-commerce 2.0 in India: The multi-screen consumer opportunity



The last few years have brought tremendous growth for E-commerce companies in India and have sent their cash registers ringing. Records point to an over fourfold jump in ad spends in a single year, standing at almost Rs. 1,000 crore today. At the same time, mobile devices, particularly smartphones have seen an explosive growth in the country.

The diversity of the population, proliferation of devices on a large scale, the increasing trend of more users moving between devices and the sheer magnitude of the opportunity is creating a challenge for E-commerce companies to stay with their consumers till the end of the purchase. Re-targeting on mobile apps & sites with relevant ads can redefine the way E-commerce companies market their products.

Here's an infographic that provides an in-depth view of the multi-screen E-commerce consumer and the opportunity for E-commerce companies to drive more sales with re-targeted ads on mobile.

Vserv E-commerce & Multi-Screen Consumer infographic

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