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Four steps to creating an effective mobile entertainment ad campaign



Effective ad campaign featuredThe mobile user today is fickle and has a very short attention span. In fact, Industry figures suggest that marketers today only have a little over a second to grab the user's attention and keep him engaged. In such a scenario, marketers have to reinvent their creative strategies to develop mobile ad campaigns that quickly catch the mobile user's eye, communicate clearly and effectively engage the user.

On Friday, November 14, the creative and business teams of our 'Mobile Entertainment marketing' partners came together for a seminar wherein we looked at the strategies and methods that they could adopt to create effective mobile entertainment marketing ad campaigns.

We list down four ways to creating an effective mobile entertainment banner ad:

  1. Attract Attention: Most marketers lose out on on their user's attention because they tried to cram in too much into a banner ad. Avoid clutter by creating clean and attractive banners that use bright colors. A good practice is to use animation, while being careful as to not over-animate.
  2. Create Interest: Get the user interested. The messaging of the ad should be clear, straightforward and should not get lost amidst all the imagery. A good design approach is to make text instantly legible, and not include more than two messages in the banner. Text should not take more than half of the layout space. The images should advertise the product/service well enough, but at the same time, not give away too much. This has the consumer curious enough to explore the product/service further.
  3. Invoke Desire: The next step is to invoke desire for the product or the service through the banner creative. Clearly highlight the benefits of the product or the service to set the consumer's expectations. Use messaging that is impactful and creates an aspirational value within the minds of the mobile consumers.
  4. Persuade for Action: Finally, persuade the user with a call for action. The best practice here is to use well-defined buttons that can be easily differentiated and clearly spell out what they want the user to do. Add a sense of urgency to the messaging such that it encourages the mobile consumer to promptly click on the button.

Besides these, the seminar also delved into a few important considerations while designing banner ads that can help partners achieve higher CTR for their ads. For instance, a good practice would be add the brand logo within the banner ad. Besides this, including Telco branding on the banner ad is also advisable as it gives the mobile consumer assurance of the content being delivered via a trusted provider. Lastly, consistency of imagery on the banner ad and transaction confirmation page go a long way in ensuring better conversion rates.

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