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June 9, 2014
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June 17, 2014

Franklin Lisboa de Lima (Brazil) – Developer of the Week


If you wish to witness mobile growth and revolution, turn your attention towards the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, China & India. They define what it takes to be mobile-first economies, create trends and advance GDP growth. Brazil, among them is leading the way in Latin America (LATAM). It has emerged as the next major mobile destination, with 620 million mobile users in all of Latin America, and Brazil single handedly contributing 256 million mobile users. Brazil today is also the biggest app market in LATAM with its Y-O-Y revenue far outpacing the U.S. App Store. It is this surge & advancement that motivates developers like Franklin Lisboa de Lima to make their mark in the mobile app industry.

Franklin is a quick learner who completely understands the dynamics of the industry. He knows that success comes to those who truly believe in themselves. Instead of learning the software development course from an institute, he preferred to read books on programming, Android and Google Play. He realized ‘keywords’ play an essential role in influencing mobile app optimization and used this ‘idea’ to market his apps. If one would notice all his apps they are coined along the lines of ‘best’ action game, ‘best’ racing game, ‘top’ shooting game, ‘funny’ videos, etc. This creative approach has made his apps successful and crossed 1,000,000 downloads within a month.

While talking about Vserv, Franklin said "Once a developer creates an app, he seeks a compelling marketing & advertising partner to launch his app in the market and help him gain the right value for his app. Vserv just fits the mold and attracts the right price and audience for the app. Their one click monetization tool 'AppWrapper' is a simple, easy and user-friendly tool. Their team has been very supportive as they assist you with the integration and help you garner more value for your apps."

Inspired by Steve Jobs, a man of boundless accomplishments, Franklin aims to expand its reach & build a global development company that will create brilliant mobile apps for everyone.

Fact File
NameFranklin Lisboa de Lima
AppsPlay Store

We as a company take pride in being associated with young developers like Franklin who drive the mobile app industry ahead and boost emerging economies in LATAM. It is this commitment and perseverance we look for in all our developers. Wishing him all the best for his goals.

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