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January 27, 2015
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The future of video is mobile – Part 1: Decoding consumption patterns


In this two part series, we analyze the rise of mobile as the preferred medium for video content consumption and the evolution of the video content ecosystem on mobile

If one were randomly asked as to what do people use their smartphones the most for, the answer would be social media, music or games. But the anytime anywhere nature of mobile truly comes to fore with videos. Video content is now accessible to consumers at their own leisure without being tied to a location such as their home or theater.

A recent report titled Global Video Insights 2014 that predominantly had respondents from India, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa, suggests that 67% people prefer their mobile device as the primary medium for video consumption, be it movies, TV shows or music videos. While 22% watch video content on both television and mobile, only 11% agreed to watching videos mostly on TV.

Mobile Platform for Choice_smallIn fact, 80% respondents watch mobile videos at least once in every two to three days, while 83% people across the globe believe that they will increase the amount of time they spend watching videos on mobile in the future.

This strong shift in consumer preference towards mobile as a preferred medium of video consumption can be attributed to the fact that the ecosystem for video content consumption on mobile is getting stronger. Smartphones with good quality displays are available across all price points.

Increased ViewingVideo content providers that offered content on media such as TV, are also extending their content to mobile. For instance in India, DTH TV providers such as Tata Sky – with Everywhere TV mobile app, and Airtel – with Pocket TV mobile app; allow consumers to access TV content on mobile.

With 3G steadily making inroads in markets such as India and 4G on the horizon in many emerging markets, video consumption, especially across emerging markets will see a strong upward trend in the coming years.

Video content providers have also taken notice of the growing demand for video on mobile across emerging markets and are aligning their strategies to match the demand. YouTube for instance, is now offering videos for download and offline viewing in India, where the mobile internet infrastructure is still in its early stages of maturity.

Music for a very a long time, has been available as a personal, always connected experience. However with video, mobile, particularly smartphones are set to take it to an entirely new level. As data connectivity improves, smartphone penetration increases and the content ecosystem for mobile video evolves further, the emergence of mobile as a prominent platform for video consumption is inevitable.


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