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Garuda Studio (Indonesia) – Developer of the Week


We live in an era where almost anything is possible through a click of a button. Technology makes our lives easier and communication faster. As the digital world is expanding, the physical world is coming closer, attracting many visionary entrepreneurs and ambitious mobile apps developers. This week, we’re featuring an elegant mix of both – a visionary entrepreneur and an ambitious mobile app developer – Garuda Studio.

Established in 2009, Garuda Studio was set up as a studio with a focus on 3D Applications. It made a debut with ‘Blazzworld‘, the first 3D e-commerce game in the world. The concept here was to replicate everything that exists in the physical world into a virtual reality. The game was an instant hit, teleporting users to a whole, new digital world.

With time, Garuda Studio widened its portfolio and extended itself to other range of products from games to applications. It also created a niche in the market by producing mobile games under three categories: IP, branding, business and entertainment. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Garuda Studio is considered as one of the largest games & mobile apps developers in Bandung, Indonesia.

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NameGaruda Studio
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AppsPlay Store, iStore, Web

Some of their path-breaking games & apps include Steampunk Warrior, Learning Letters and Numbers With Catlyn and Steampunk Deathmatch. The novel concept of ‘Steam Ops’ has seen Garuda Studio walk the red carpet and b ring home Gold & Silver Awards at Indonesia ICT Awards, Asia Pacific ICT Awards and Gadget+ Awards in Indonesia.

Garuda Studio primarily uses Vserv's AppWrapper technology to monetize their apps. While sharing their views about this tool, they said, "It’s a simple, easy and cost-effective monetization tool which helps us integrate ads and target them efficaciously to the Asian market. The service provided by Vserv is one of the best in the industry with high fill rate & impressions. The team at Vserv is extremely helpful and always just a call away."

The firm aims to be the face of Indonesian mobile app industry by creating a fun and engaging gamers community. Here's wishing them all the luck in their future endeavours.

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