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November 17, 2015
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November 23, 2015

Goosebumps, gore and zombies: What lies ahead at the Vserv 6th anniversary celebrations


At Vserv, it's always been about constantly bettering whatever we've done so far. This also holds true for how we celebrate our wins and jubilations. Vserv turning another year is always a big cause for a celebration for us. In January this year, we ringed in our 5th anniversary in grand Bollywood style. With our 6th anniversary, we decided to take it one notch up with a celebration that will give everyone goose bumps.

On November 17, the Vserv family was treated to a preview of the unknown that awaits them at our 6th anniversary celebrations. Team members walking into the office in the morning were greeted to a dark, dimly lit office. The place looked less like the buzzing office space it is and more like a desolate, abandoned workplace.

What awaited them not only caught everyone by surprise but also scared the daylights out of them. Decapitated heads, torsos, and limbs were hanging everywhere. Ghoulish noises all around. It felt as if they had walked into the land of the undead. And as is the case with the land of undead, 'zombies' started crawling all over the place.

As the sun went down and everyone was trying to figure out what sort of a game or promotion this was, a ghostly voice called out to them, asking them to join the King of Hell on the office terrace. As Team Vserv waited with baited breath to find out what's in store for them, zombies came in from all sides and started dancing. A scary looking zombie man appeared from behind the stage, dragging a coffin along with him. He called out to the King of Hell and an equally scary looking man rose from the coffin.

They were none other than our founders, Ashay Padwal and Dippak Khurana in their undead men disguise. Dippak announced that the 6th anniversary party theme was around zombies and that Team Vserv will be going to Goa for the celebrations. The theme as guessed by many was 'Go Goa Gone'.

As Dippak and Ashay threw open the gates of zombieland inviting everyone to Goa, 8 zombies came out holding placards with names that would divide everyone into 8 teams. Each zombie held a bowl of blood and the teams had to fish out letters of the alphabet from the bowl to complete a puzzle that would give them their team name. The team to do this first won points. Over the next few days, the teams will get to know what activities and celebrations are in store for them at Goa.

Here are a few pictures from the evening:

Zombieland - Vserv

Is this the Vserv office, or the land of the undead?


Zombies all around! Run for your life!



Zombies dancing to bollywood music!


When the death bells rang! Enter the King of Hell!


The Zombies bowing down to the King of Hell


The King of Hell (Dippak) awakens!


Ashay and Dippak, or should we say the gatekeepers to Zombieland!


In this ‘blood’ lies the clue to your team name!


Team Spirit!














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