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June 6, 2014
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June 16, 2014

Grafian Software Crafter (Indonesia) – Developer of the Week


DSC00796Indonesia has transformed into the hottest mobile market in the world. With a population of 240 million people & 280 million mobile phone connections, Indonesia is definitely a well-connected nation. The country is a real trendsetter as amongst other countries with over 30 million 3G subscribers. Over here, the citizens adopt the technology really fast and may be that’s what inspires many local startups. Another interesting insight which defines the mobile industry is that companies here prefer to create a trend, rather than follow old norms. Our developer of this week is one such novel firm called Grafian Software Crafter.

A mobile and web application firm from Bandung (Indonesia), Grafian Software Crafter was established by Mr. & Mrs. Anugrah Redja Kusuma in May 2012. The couplet stepped into the mobile apps industry as freelance programmers. They developed a few Android apps in their spare time and as soon as their work started gaining recognition, they formed Grafian as a company. Appreciation is what keeps the duo geared up and propels them to reinvent the wheel.

Grafian Software Crafter is known for creating a community of Oneters. A community that eat, sleeps and breathes the game of Onet (4 mn downloads). Other than that, the firm has presented the virtual form of the holy book of Islam – Beautiful Quran for the globe-trotting youth. Grafian Software Crafter have also created some user-friendly mobile apps like Dinar Dirham Watch which lets you get the current exchange rate of Gold Dinar and Silver Dinar on a click, Net Speed 1.1 that monitors your current download, upload speed and more.

Fact File
NameGrafian Software Crafter
ConnectWebsiteFacebook, Twitter, Email, Samsung, Apple, BlackBerry, Opera

While talking about his app monetization issues, Anugrah said, "Vserv has helped us understand the business of mobile apps in depth. They have helped us monetize our apps and opened new doors of opportunities. There has been a marked increase in our revenue ever since we started using Vserv’s App Monetization Platform – AppWrapper. We thank the team for their continuous support and guidance."

For now, the duo wants to travel the world, develop a cultural understanding and global thinking into their business. They want their apps to reach out to the masses and thereby build a modern, advanced society.

We wish the team at Grafian Software Crafter all the very best for their future endeavors. Keep moving forward!

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