new telecosNot so long ago, an ad exchange connecting marketers, advertisers, and publishers with mobile users was the hot new thing. There was no bigger news in late 2012 than social network Facebook kicking off its own ad exchange, FBX, to monetize its millions of users.

Seeing the writing on the wall, Vserv, one of the leading mobile ad exchanges from India, has just pivoted. “We have repositioned ourselves as a smart data led mobile marketing company. Now, we deliver smart data led results to marketers,” says Dippak Khurana, co-founder and CEO of Vserv, in an exclusive chat with Tech in Asia.

For this, Vserv has partnered with key telecom companies across emerging markets – from Vodafone, Airtel, and Aircel in India to Globe in the Philippines, Indosat in Indonesia, and MobiFone in Vietnam.

“We are the world’s first and only company to partner with telcos this way,” Khurana says.

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