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April 4, 2014
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April 8, 2014

Hicca Studios (Indonesia) – Developer of the Week


1932281_521654567944114_749256064_nAfter being recognized as a competent player across the world in the Mobile Gaming market, Indonesia is now capturing eye-balls for being an upcoming nation for quality animation work. Hollywood studios are outsourcing work to Indonesian animation artists thereby creating a window of new opportunities for upcoming studios to showcase their creativity & work. Hicca Studios, a 3D animation studio in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; is one such upcoming studio trying to make their mark in this highly competitive market.

Hicca Animation Studios started operations in July 2011 with a goal to churn out entertaining, meaningful & quality 3D animation works that relate to people from all age-groups. Located in Jogja – Never Ending Asia City, Hicca mainly focuses on international quality CG 3D animation work used from TV series to movies. They want to bring about the essence of Jogjakarta Indonesian stories through strong original characters & weave them into happy tales that can be loved & cherished by all.

Hicca believes in making the characters of their apps a global brand name through imagery & strong local characteristics. They want their current characters Uwa, Uwa Mica & Pito to be an icon among children. They employ distribution channels along with the use of media spotlight to highlight different characteristics of these figures and make it more relatable to children.

When they initially started off, Hicca had a lot of problems finding & recruiting skilled developers. Today their team comprises of creative people committed to taking their work to the next level.

While talking about their monetization issues; the people over at Hicca say, "We used to rely on in-app purchases to solve our monetary needs before. But after coming across Vserv, we realized that making money through ads was a much better option. Their AppWrapper is a very user-friendly tool that helps us wrap our ads without any hurdles."

Fact File
NameHicca Studios
AppsPlay Store

Hicca is very inspired by the works of Disney and firmly believe that if everyone focused & gave their best shot; the output is bound to be good.
As of now Hicca wants to keep churning out good work that will be recognized, loved & appreciated by all. With a benchmark of releasing at least 10 new apps this year, Hicca is slowly drawing a roadmap to follow in the near future. On this optimistic note, we would like to wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors.

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