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February 3, 2014
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Hoang Xuan Binh (Vietnam) – Developer of the Week


Vietnam is steadily ramping up its digital technology sector. Their government is supporting this in a big way as it
anh recently pledged to spend $400,000 towards building a Silicon Valley Project to attract more investors. They are hoping this will help build a revolutionized technological industry for start-ups.Taking advantage of the situation is Hoang Xuan Binh, a young entrepreneur from Hanoi in Vietnam.

Hoang is a young student studying telecommunications with a passion for technology & programming. He started coding apps in 2012; when he just developed free apps to enter app-development competitions by Nokia. He had no idea that he could make money out of it. He was later introduced to Vserv.mobi, who showed him a way to make substantial money through his hobby. Ever since that, there has been no looking back for him.

Just like a lot of other developers, Hoang faced initial doubts when he started writing apps; like how to understand the need of his end users or make the apps more interesting etc. But Hoang managed to develop around 14 apps for the Ovi Store. Among them the most popular apps include Game Block (Free app), Game Minion Puzzle 2014 & Bluetooth Chat Pro.

Fact File
NameHoang Xuan Binh
Apps Ovi Store

While talking about monetizing his apps, Hoang says, "In Vietnam it is very difficult to earn from Java (J2ME) platform .But Vserv has solved many monetizing issues & made developing apps for various platforms like Android, J2ME, Windows & iOS profitable."

Hoang would like to pass on a message to his fellow app developers to not look beyond Vserv for their monetization needs. Not only is it a trustworthy channel they can rely on but it is also very profitable.

For now, Hoang is just looking forward to completing his education with a good grade & would like to work in a reputable mobile company where he can continue developing apps & learning new things. We would like to wish him the all the best for this.

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