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Mobile native ads can get 57% higher click-through rate: Vserv
January 21, 2015
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Vserv launches Aqua Native, the next generation native ads
January 21, 2015

Infographic: Native Ads – a seamless ad experience


Today, native ads on mobile are seeing strong reception from consumers due to their ability to provide a non-intrusive and seamless mobile ad experience. So much so, that 52% more consumers are likely to engage with a native ad.

Native ads can be customized as per the environment and design of the app or site thereby integrating seamlessly with the mobile app/site content, retaining customer attention and reducing ad fatigue. This is substantiated by the fact that native ads are delivering upto 4x more click-through rates and resulting in higher customer engagement.

This infographic gives an in-depth insight into how native ads are increasingly becoming the preferred ad format on mobile:

Vserv Infographic- Mobile Native Ads

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