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April 14, 2014
Vserv Set To Boost the E-commerce Industry with Search Intent Mobile Ads
April 16, 2014

Invigorating the e-commerce industry with our new Search Intent Mobile Ads


The e-commerce sector is rapidly scaling up owing to increased growth in mobile shopping. Nearly 30 percent of the traffic on e-commerce sites comes from mobile, which ratio is expected to increase to 70 percent by next year. Adding to this experience of mobile commerce is the speed and convenience of mobile search. Mobile searches have been highly effective in helping consumers make swift purchase decisions. According to a recent study by Nielsen, 3 out of every 4 mobile searches trigger follow-up actions, which may be further research, a store visit, a phone call, a purchase or word-of-mouth sharing. Further, more than half of the purchase-related conversions occur within 1 hour of initial mobile search.

To leverage this trend of mobile searches triggering quicker consumer actions, we are thrilled to launch "Search Intent" Ads, a new format that integrates the power of search into mobile advertisements. This impactful format is designed to help advertisers attain relevant users and facilitate their buying decisions via a seamless "in ad search" strategy. Search Intent Ads are enabled via impactful full screen mobile ads on our exchange across 150,000 apps & sites. With this path-breaking new ad format, companies will be able to leverage user intent to drive these relevant consumers to the right purchase funnel. Further, by enabling deep linking, these companies can re-engage, re-target the consumers and gain higher ROI from mobile ads.

To understand how the format works, the search box enabled on a full-screen mobile ad invites the consumers to engage. The consumer then types keywords in the search box to indicate his/her intent. The keywords typed by the consumer are used to to qualify them and basis this intent, the consumer is driven to the right search results page on the advertisers' mobile site or app. So the consumer intent is leveraged as a part of the ad experience itself and the advertisers can capture "what" the user wants, and take him/her to the right purchase path.

With the ongoing mobile revolution, it's becoming all the more important for every product/service industry to catch the consumer's attention on today's most personal device and keep the focus on the most relevant users. To this effect, the highly versatile Search Intent Ad format can also be used extensively by brands across all industries like BFSI, Auto, etc. Segmented sections of the advertisements can provide quick access to popular product categories and can be customised to take advantages of current trends and special season. The format is built on the premise of giving advertisers the power to understand consumers' needs and deliver them the right search results and content in a consistent manner. To know more about Search Intent ads, click here.

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