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January 23, 2014
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January 28, 2014

Kastari Sentra Media (Indonesia) – Developer of the Week



foto ksm jogjaOver the last few years, Indonesia has ramped up its technology sector as many Indonesian firms are setting significant milestones in the industry. The country also witnessed tremendous growth in the mobile & Internet space and massive growth especially among the young audience. A developer in such a growing market, with a young audience, needs to have a comprehensive strategy to target their ever-evolving audience. As this mobile audience, gets younger, our Developer of the Week, Kastari Sentra Media from Indonesia caters to children with their educative apps.

Kastari Multimedia is a brand from PT Kastari Sentra Media, a veteran in the technology space in Indonesia. The company was established in 2004 for creating educative videos & apps for desktop. They have produced a lot of high quality interactive learning CDs. Earlier they focused only on desktop applications but with the current uptake for mobile, especially Android they have shifted their focus heavily on mobile.

Fact File
NameKastari Sentra Media
LocationDI Yogyakarta, Indonesia
ConnectFacebook, Website, Twitter
AppsGoogle Play Store 

They derive their inspiration and motivation from children and aim to reach them with interactive and fun learning experiences. Applications under education, games and singing form the crux of their development strategy. Some of their popular apps include, Menghafal Huruf Hijaiyah, Dongeng Kisah Pak Doblang and Bernyanyi Bersama Diva Vol. 1

They are glad that supports them for ad monetization and in turn helps their aspiration to help children learn better.

Their advice for fellow developers is to keep on learning and creating easy to use and simple applications with great interface & experience. We wish them all the best and hope they keep up with their noble and worthy efforts to educate, entertain and empower children in Indonesia!

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