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January 9, 2014

KrazzyMobile (India) – Developer of the Week


Today, inspiration, motivation and passion are key attributes to make an entrepreneurial mark in the space of technology and mobile innovation. While India has a great market for such innovations with many developers experimenting in this space, there is also a plethora of companies who are trying to break the clutter and leave a long lasting impression. Successfully standing out and making a mark, is our Developer of the Week, KrazzyMobile, from Indore, India.krazzyMobile_logo_large

Founded in 2010, KrazzyMobile is driven by two passionate engineers, one a developer and the other, a designer. With a vision to leverage mobile users who seek entertainment on their devices, KrazzyMobile aspires to create user friendly, innovative and entertaining games. Most of their apps are featured under utilities, mythological apps and of course include simple elements such as wallpapers and themes with great graphics. They have the expertise in all primary technologies, starting from concept to final product delivery and they firmly believe in creativity with innovation and mobility with passion to deliver top notch entertainment.

Some of their most downloaded and popular games are Speed Rush, Moto Fever, Cupid Hunt and Hanuman Chalisa, which has more than 1.5 million downloads and these numbers are rapidly increasing.

Fact File
LocationIndore, India
ConnectFacebook, Website
AppsOvi Store

When asked about the challenges they faced while developing their applications, they quote the famous philanthropist Steve Maraboli, "When you do what you love, the seemingly impossible becomes simply challenging, the laborious becomes purposeful resistance, the difficult loses its edge and is trampled by your progress." According to them challenges are ways to success and if you overcome by patience and intelligence, just like a game level, nothing is impossible. Most certainly that's shown in the way they've inspired themselves and many others with their creations.

Their partnership with Vserv helped them find a gateway for growth and innovation. "Our association with Vserv helps us to think beyond the limit and expansion of our possibilities. By providing easy to use AppWrapper™, SDK, it made monetizing easier and also help us increase the downloads," they said.

Their true soul is their inspiration for creative thinking and an enormous zeal to be an innovative and passionate game designing, development and publishing company. These attributes motivate them each and every day towards their quest for providing quality products to their users. According to them, new technology such as new version of Java (J2ME) has made them "Krazzy" to explore the language and helped them a lot to create the great apps they've built. With a touch of modesty, despite realizing their established standings in mobile media today, they humbly advise new comers to be patient and deliver quality rather than quantity to create a benchmark in this competitive field.

Lastly, their ambition is to provide rich apps and games and other mobile content with emerging technologies that will cover a wider range of users and markets on different platforms/manufacturers. Definitely, this outfit seems to be one of the inspirational companies of the future. We hope that their attitude, aspiration and "Krazzy' drive for growth and innovation takes them wherever they aim to reach and we wish them good luck with their journey ahead.

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