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March 3, 2014
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March 17, 2014

Kunal Mahajan (India) – Developer of the Week


The surge of development in the mobile-phone market is parallel with the growth in sectors like retail, hospitality, entertainment, sports etc. Cell phones have become a part of our daily life. This is opening a host of new opportunities for brands to think of newer ways to capture eye-balls & different opinions to express; like games, apps, message boards etc. This increase in creative interaction allows Mobile App Developers to explore a brand new platform. Kunal Mahajan of Kumi Labs Private Limited is one such player trying to make the most of this creative freedom today.

Kunal Mahajan believes in the concept of ideas without boundaries. His craving to merge innovation with creativity made him take up Mobile Apps & Games development around 5 years ago; after completing his B.Tech. He conceptualized Kumi Labs so that he could work on games with a creative layer & a realistic approach. Today, Kumi Labs is a global software product development company operating from Gurgaon, India.

Like most start-ups; Kumi Labs too went through an initial turbulent phase of market competition, low revenues, lack of experience & funding. Their positive attitude kept them going to churn out many successful apps such as Match Pings, Glow Light & Slide Me.

While talking about how they monetize their apps, Kunal says, "Advertisements are instrumental in solving our monetization issues. Vserv has helped us a lot with this respect; as they have boosted our revenue, which can be a huge deal for a company as young as ours where funds mean everything. Our apps have received a lot of downloads from platforms like Android, J2ME Games and applications; after using Vserv."

Fact File
NameKunal Mahajan
LocationGurgaon, India
ConnectFacebook, Website
AppsPlay Store,Blackberry, Ovi Store

Marketing is an important aspect & Kunal understands that. Among companies that inspire him, he cites Gameloft & EA Games who have paid attention to marketing & have grown to what they are today . He would also like to point it out to his peers to focus on delivering quality content. It is important to maintain a good balance between quality content and flawless marketing as this increases brand visibility.

As of now Kunal wishes to establish Kumi Labs as a global brand name that develops games and apps with a creative edge. We would like to wish him & his team the best of luck trying to turn this into reality.

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