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February 10, 2016
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Meet us at MWC 2016 and find out why Mobile is Everything today


Vserv at MWC 2016Everything that people do today in their daily lives has a mobile touch point. Right from traditional communication to social media, booking an airplane ticket or a cab, ordering restaurant food to tracking personal fitness, people are more likely to turn to their smartphones to do any or all of these things.

Taking cue from these smartphone users, innumerable products and services today have extended themselves on mobile. The functionality of mobile itself has extended to other technologies such as wearables and connected appliances. So much so that it is safe to say that today, everything is mobile and mobile is everything.

'Mobile is Everything' also happens to be the theme of this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) which kicks off in Barcelona on February 22. Expect the best innovations in mobile technology to be showcased and experts and industry leaders coming together to talk about the latest trends in the mobile space, at the 4-day mobile extravaganza.

We will be there too. Our belief has always been that everything and everyone in the near future will mobile, making it the center of their digital lives. The daily interactions of these consumers with their mobile devices are generating vast amounts of data, which can tell us so much about them that traditional digital mediums never could. When analyzed the right way, this data can provide rich insights about these smartphone users, their user personas and the intent signals they generate.

Meet us at MWC and find out how these user personas and intent signals can arm marketers with the insight to stay with their consumers, right from intent to purchase. Learn how these insights can enable them to engage their consumers at the right time, with relevant offers and provide an experience that is highly immersive and seamless.

You can find us at Hall 8.1 G11. Hope to see you at MWC!

To book a meeting with us, you can write to mwc@stg.vserv.com


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