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May 2, 2016
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May 10, 2016

The Mobile Advertising Game of Thrones : How in-app advertising is taking over the mobile advertising empire


Vserv Insights in-app advertising game of thrones featuredSometime towards the end of 2015, we talked about India's growing love for apps. We talked about how apps such as Zomato and Uber were providing solutions to some real-world problems that exist in the country. Today, more people are choosing to go the app way when accessing content on their smartphones. In fact, according to an App Annie Mobile App Forecast for 2016, globally, the time spent on Android devices has grown by 63% between 2014 and 2015.

In India, smartphone users spend as much as 186 minutes per day on their devices. App usage takes a major chunk of this device time, with 52% of the time being spent on activities such as social networking, video watching and mobile payments. 20% of the time is spent on accessing chat and VOIP apps while mobile games take up around 9%.

Why apps rule?
Apps take great advantage of the hardware and software capabilities that smartphones offer to offer a content experience that is highly immersive and engaging for the user. Therefore it comes as little surprise that if Indian consumers are on their smartphones for a major portion of the day, which they are, apps is where they can be found.Insights inapp time spent on smartphones

What does this mean for a marketer?
It means that if you want to reach out to and engage your consumers, taking the app route will yield the best result. In fact, mobile ads, especially those such as native ads, blend in so seamlessly with the overall app experience, that users are more likely to engage with ads shown to them within apps.

Ruling the mobile advertising empire!
A Medialets mobile advertising benchmark report finding suggests that ads on mobile apps perform twice as better in terms of CTR than ads on mobile web. Furthermore, according to Criteo Research, apps are driving more transactions and value by removing barriers to purchase, accounting for 54% of all transactions on mobile.

The native environment and additional control over the purchase path is helping retailers achieve higher conversion rate on apps, when compared to both mobile web and desktop. Apps are actually driving 120% more conversions than mobile web.

For marketers running app install campaigns, a research by Google on app marketing suggests that of the users whose app downloads were influenced by advertising, 47% were prompted to download the app after seeing the banner ad in an app compared to 45% who saw the ad on website. The propensity of a user to download an app is higher when he is exposed to ad in another app as compared to a mobile website.

This makes apps the perfect place for marketers to engage with their consumers, as they are not just likely to be more receptive to their mobile marketing efforts, but could also go as far as making a purchase. Therefore, if you're thinking of conquering the hearts of your consumers with mobile advertising, go the in-app advertising way, because that is what is winning the mobile advertising game of thrones.

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