Mobile Key To Future Of Programmatic In Emerging Markets
February 25, 2014
Why Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp is a logical extension.
February 25, 2014

Mobile Key To Future Of Programmatic In Emerging Markets


Ad Exchanger recently interviewed our CEO & Co-founder Dippak Khurana on how Vserv decided to focus on Emerging Markets, the challenges it faces as a Mobile Ad Exchange and the future he sees in mobile programmatic in these markets. Read the interview here & an excerpt below.

Why did you decide to focus on these emerging markets and this strategy for the company?

For us, we looked at mobile-first users. As the world becomes more and more connected, roughly 45% of the global internet users will come from these geographies. That was a large problem to be solved. We started out of India and we also realized that strategically for us, a company coming out of India trying to expand into these markets would be playing to its own strengths.

Another reason is just the market opportunity across these countries. They are often in similar stages of market development in terms of smartphone penetration and dealing with similar problems. That’s really why we focused on these geographies.

What are the main challenges you face as a mobile ad exchange in these emerging markets?

First, as a mobile ad exchange especially in context to these emerging markets, newer technologies like RTB or programmatic buying are still at a very low adoption in these markets. The second piece is that lack of organized data is a challenge. These are not necessarily challenges for mobile advertising, but more emerging market challenges. And we are finding out innovative ways to solve these problems.

The interesting part has been that, given the fast adoption of mobile internet users, there aren’t as many challenges in terms of advertisers or developers. When people are creating apps, they get great amount of downloads. Advertisers are highly interested because of the fast growth of users.

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