408058_291952024201094_605349229_nBeing the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is at the epitome of growth and development. With Vietnam’s economic growth predicted to rise at 5.5%, Hanoi GDP growth is expected to hit 8.5% to 9% in 2014. The rapid urban growth of Vietnamese capital Hanoi has led to the evolution of its Mobile industry in a steadfast manner. It is this rising wave of development that start-ups and app developers like Nguyen Tuan Anh want to dive in and emerge as a rider.

Nguyen is currently pursuing his last year in software technology from Phuong Dong University. He started writing Mobile Applications from September 2012 after randomly coming across a conference on ‘The Future of Mobile Programming’ in his university. It was in that spur of moment that Nguyen decided to make a career in the booming mobile industry.

Nguyen today has established himself as an Android and Windows Phone developer. He has created some wonderful apps like Tivi365, India TV, Chuc Tet Viet 2014, Fogram, PhotoWeather and InstaShape. A magic mantra he follows while developing his apps is to ‘Keep it simple, easy and user-friendly’. He is a big Microsoft fan and has more than 20 Window Phone Apps to his credit.

Fact File
Name Nguyen Tuan Anh
Location Vietnam
Connect WebsiteFacebook, Twitter
Apps Play Store, Windows Phone

While talking about his take on the monetization issue, Nguyen says, “Before learning about Vserv.mobi, I used to monetize via WP Store and earn a decent amount of money. It was Gaby from the Vserv team who introduced me to AppWrapper – their App Monetization Platform. AppWrapper’s technology is the best monetization tool – it’s very simple and efficient. It increases your revenue multi-folds & saves significant time during the coding process. I look forward to a long, healthy association with Vserv for my future apps.”

For now, Nguyen wants to complete his graduation and work in a reputable Mobile App Development company where he can continue developing apps & make the lives of people simpler and beautiful. Here’s wishing him all the luck in pursuing his dreams!

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