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January 13, 2014
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Quang Nguyen Ba (Vietnam) – Developer of the Week


The billion dollar software technology & digital media industry in Vietnam is all set for a transformation and major lurch forward with Intel opening its newest plant in Ho Chi Minh City. This means a revolution not only in terms of economic growth; but also educational and cultural development. As the youth of Vietnam are discovering new digital platforms to express, Quang Nguyen Ba, an app developer, is getting noticed for his work in Hanoi.Quang

Quang is an independent Vietnamese developer who is very passionate about programming and technology. He likes to challenge himself to develop programs that solve every day needs and has even been recognized as Sharepoint MVP for his work by Microsoft.

It all started when Quang stumbled across his first smart phone in 2006 and decided to write apps that he could use for his personal needs. Although the Windows Mobile 6.0 that had initially captured his interest was soon discontinued, it was later re-started in 2010 after which he committed himself to developing apps for this platform only. Quang firmly believes that there is untapped potential for app developers on the Windows platform. So far, Quang has developed around 18 apps for Windows which include Vietnamese Calendar, Dragon Ball Puzzle and English Sound Pro.

While talking about the monetization problems faced by Vietnamese developers, Quang explains that, "Vietnam is a very cash-based economy & WP is the only channel that supports such forms of payment. It was initially extremely difficult for local developers to monetize their apps. But after the arrival of Vserv; I’m able to get better returns for my apps and I can finally earn money by doing something I’m passionate about."

Fact File
NameQuang Nguyen Ba
LocationHanoi, Vietnam
Connect Blog, Facebook, Twitter

Quang wants to give a special vote of thanks to Le Minh Tuan from Nokia, Gaby from Vserv.mobi and Jetsoft for introducing him to Vserv.mobi that has helped him solve many problems.

For now, Quang wants to code better apps that will be able to solve many other varied everyday needs. He gradually wants to move to paid apps and free versions. He also hopes to strengthen his partnership with Vserv & use SDK to combine ads and IAP in a hybrid model that will enable free-ads for users who don’t mind paying a little extra for better experience. But ultimately, Quang wants to own around 100 apps by the end of 2014 and popularize at least 50 of those in Vietnam. We would really like to wish him the best of luck to turn these dreams into reality.

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