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November 18, 2014
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November 19, 2014

Re-targeting for desktop to mobile gets smarter with Vserv Smart RT



color-blog-imgFor E-commerce companies across emerging markets, engaging with multi-screen consumers as they move between multiple devices is a big challenge. Industry estimates suggest that 98% of these multi-screen users move between different devices and screens while deciding on a purchase. Of these, 91% research the product on their mobile apps and 66% then make the purchase from their desktop.

To help bridge this gap effectively, we are today announcing a revolutionary re-targeting product Vserv Smart RT that enables E-commerce companies to re-target these multi-screen consumers with the right message, the right product and at the right time, thereby improving sales.

Vserv Smart RT captures user behavior and intent that enables E-commerce companies to reach out to the right consumer with the right intent. Vserv Smart RT rides on Vserv's Smart Data platform which augments individual user profiles, and using these results, creates a custom recommendation engine. These recommendations help E-commerce companies, market a relevant product to individual users, on a real-time basis, and with the highest rate of accuracy.

With Vserv Smart RT, E-commerce companies can re-target desktop users on mobile sites and apps as well as mobile site users on third party apps. Designed keeping in mind the unique nuances of the emerging markets the product is capable of serving individual ads to consumers in real time and with customized content, delivering up to 6X boost in ad responses.

We believe Vserv Smart RT will redefine marketing for E-commerce companies in emerging markets and help them reach out to the right consumer accurately with relevant products thereby improving conversion rates significantly.

Here’s how Vserv Smart RT works:

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