The journey of the Windows Phone platform and state of the ecosystem
May 29, 2014
Nguyen Quoc Cuong (Vietnam) – Developer of the Week
June 2, 2014

Rising Metro – The Rise of Windows Phone Platform


The rise of smartphones over the last few years has brought some significant transformations in the Mobile industry. The changes can be attributed to diverse parameters like form factor, pricing, operating system and eventually the usage. While all these changes have contributed majorly in redefining the entire landscape, operating system has been the game changer. Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is evolving quickly and gaining momentum around the globe, especially in Emerging Markets.

While the journey has been tough, the collaboration with Nokia paved way and led to a great 2013, with analysts expecting the Windows Phone platform to cross 100M devices by 2014 and become the 3rd largest OS in the world. The OS has outsold iPhone in 24 markets including India, Malaysia and South Africa which stands as a clear indication that it is set to take this space by storm.

One of the key drivers of the growth has been the preference of the "Windows Marketplace" among developers. With close to 250,000 apps available now, and major developers including WP OS in their initial roll out plan, the platform is witnessing a far greater show of strength by the number of downloads.

We've created an infographic that brilliantly displays the journey of the Windows Phone platform and what it is set to achieve.

 Rising Metro

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