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May 17, 2016
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The secret sauce to cook up the perfect mobile video ad experience


Mobile video ads secret sauce featured imageVideo serves as a great tool for marketers to get their message across to consumers in the quickest possible manner. So much can be said about a product or a service even in a short 30-second video clip. That's what made television commercials so popular among marketers. So when smartphones have started to replace television as the first screen for entertainment content consumption in India, mobile video ads hold a bigger promise for marketers willing to leverage the medium.

Video ads deliver a great impact but here are some best practices that we think will help marketers maximize the impact:

  • Have clear call-to-action buttons

Videos keep users engaged, but users do not intuitively click on them. Having a clear overt call to action definitely goes a long way, wherein a call to action button overlaid on the video, instead of plain text, encourages the user to explore more about the advertised product. Their actions can also be incentivized to ensure that they engage with the button.

  • Sometimes, silence is golden

An industry report suggests that as many as 85% of the video views on Facebook happen with the sound off.  An ad that plays with a sudden loud sound can be intrusive not just for users, but those around them. Therefore when creating video ads, advertisers should take this behavior into consideration and create ads that contain visual cues that take the message to the user even if they're played on 'mute'. This can also be achieved with captions in the video and the video ad playing with the audio off, giving users the option to turn it on if they wish to do so.

  • (Screen) Size does matter

There is an increasing preference among viewers across markets to consume video content on smartphones with larger screens. Vuclip's Global Video Indights 2016 report findings suggest that majority of mobile video viewing in India happens on devices with screen sizes between 4.6 to 5 inches. The increase in screen real estate allows mobile interactive video to mature from simple social-share buttons to more direct and upfront invitations to engage and expand the video within MRAID environments. To get the most out of mobile video creative options, use HTML5, VAST standard video ads which let you run pre-roll/mid-roll/post-roll video, regardless of device or screen or whether it is on tablets and in-application environments.

  • Let device orientation not be a constraint

Shooting the same video for different aspect ratios is often a challenge and uneconomical too. Therefore, many advertisers opt for locking screen orientation, forcing viewers to switch a particular orientation to view the video ad. This can be quite frustrating for the viewer. A better way to address this issue is to use leverage HTML5 to make the most of the screen real estate, in whatever orientation the viewer prefers to watch the ad.

These four best practices are a great way to get started with your mobile video ads plan. Keep watching this space for the second and concluding list of best practices to help you get mobile ads right.

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