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December 23, 2014
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December 30, 2014

The State Of Mobile Entertainment Ecosystem: Part 2



In this post we track the mobile content consumption patterns across emerging markets


Growth in Mobile Content & Commerce

In part 1 of this series, we looked at how the mobile entertainment ecosystem across emerging markets is evolving. We also observed that mobile is becoming the first screen of choice for all content consumption in these markets.In fact, mobile media purchase is growing globally and emerging markets are driving this growth. For instance, In 2013, 65% of mobile media users made a mobile purchase. This figure rose to 66% in 2014.

Digital products such as music, apps and games are still the most popular purchases on mobile devices in emerging markets such as China, India and Indonesia. For a majority of the population in these markets mobile has provided them their first internet experience. In comparison to developed markets which are reaching a certain fatigue with content consumption, the population in emerging markets is still interested and excited to consume digital products through mobile and this can be clearly seen as a trend in the market. (Refer to graph: Items Purchased via Mobile Phone by Region)

Items Purchased via Mobile Phone by Region

Items Purchased via Mobile Phone by Region

A big factor driving the digital product purchase growth in the continuing rise in demand for freemium. This means people resist paying upfront and instead prefer ads or trimmed down versions of the products with in-app upgrades. In fact, 55% of people say they have downloaded a free app in the last six months.

Emerging markets: Bigger appetite for content
Mobile has redefined the way content is consumed in emerging markets. It has given the population in these markets access to digital content, and a content consumption experience that no other Internet-connected medium has been able to match up to. The appetite for content in these regions is stronger today as opposed to developed markets, and the interest and seriousness of this population for consuming content on mobile shows in the way they buy digital and physical products via mobile. (Refer to graph: Spend Breakdown by Region – Physical & Digital Products)


Spend Breakdown by Region – Physical & Digital Products

These trends clearly indicate that digital products, particularly mobile entertainment content will continue to see a steady demand across emerging markets. The population in these markets has an unsatiated appetite for digital content on mobile and mobile technology continues to interest and excite them.

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