What Every Marketer Needs To Know About Mobile Advertising in Emerging Markets
September 4, 2014
Cupcakes with new Vserv logo
Unveiling Vserv's new brand identity
September 17, 2014

Vserv Hits F5! Big Data to Smart Data


Vserv-Logo-2014Vserv was formed at a time when the mobile ecosystem was at a cusp of the smartphone revolution. The industry has come a long way since then and so have we. We've made our mark delivering value-driven monetization opportunities for app developers and effective mobile advertising for marketers in emerging markets.

Today however, the mobile internet user base is rapidly growing in these markets and a large number of users are going mobile first for all their content and transactional needs. The digital interactions of these Emerging Connected Billion™ users, centered around their mobile devices, are generating petabytes of big data. We believe that going beyond just mobile user demographics; actionable user personas and powerful intent signals can be created out of this big data. We are glad to roll out Vserv Smart Data™ which can be effectively leveraged by marketers, telecom operators and app developers, for greater business impact.

Going forward, this smart data will fuel the mobile ecosystem, and for us it is all set to become the focal point of our offerings.

Our products, partners and people have propelled us to new levels of success and even won us accolades. And today, we think it's time for us to unlock the next level to our growth and success. We are moving from being just a mobile ad exchange and transitioning to a company that enables Smart Data led results. Our existing offerings, driven by smart data, will power a refresh for Vserv.

As a part of this refresh, we are unveiling the new Vserv logo and brand identity. The new logo perfectly articulates our dynamic and committed approach. The balance of sharp edges with soft terminals is a very interesting contrast that manifests our culture.

The sharp angular cuts in the logo reinforce our commitment to simplifying technology and future forwardness. The new refreshed color palette is contemporary and more meaningful to us, being a reminder of our purpose. The new typography and visual language of the brand help accentuate the messaging with a clear hierarchy and order. This brand refresh brings in a sense of vitality to Vserv.

Our new logo embodies the five key values that define us: Passionate, Innovative, Agile, Trustworthy and Ethical.

As a team of highly talented individuals who are passionate about 'Everything Mobile', we at Vserv have deep insights about the mobile internet user in emerging markets and this understanding has translated into the solutions that we have created.

For us, being innovative is about simplifying technology such that its adoption benefits its users. Our focus therefore is to create easy to adopt solutions that address industry pain points.

Our experience working with key emerging markets gives us a lot of insight. But insight is of little use if one is not quick to make sense out of these insights, ideate and take them to execution. This agile way of execution reflects not just in our functioning but also in our offerings that make it easier for our partners to go to market faster.

Our customers and partners are key to our business and it is our constant endeavor to be a trustworthy partner, securing the data that they entrust us with and providing them an assured and consistent engagement experience. Our engagement with them is always ethical, transparent in thought and in action.

We have always strived to address the pain points for marketers, app developers and telcos in emerging markets. Insight led effective user engagement is a challenge that the ecosystem is grappling with today, and we believe that we are well equipped to help our stakeholders address it. The mobile ecosystem is extremely dynamic and we think we are all geared up for the next wave of evolution. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements that we are about to make focused on our smart data revolution.

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