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In India, Internet = Mobile Internet
January 12, 2016
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Vserv unveils the first Smartphone User Persona Report (SUPR) in Philippines
January 18, 2016

When 'Zombies' took over at Vserv's 6th anniversary bash


On a rather quiet November morning, team Vserv was greeted with 'zombies' crawling all over the office. Some team members were confused, most were amused but as the day the ended, so did the suspense. Our 6th anniversary celebration would be a Zombie themed party at Goa!

But this was just a small preview, as what awaited us at Goa in January, was much bigger and grander than what we all would have expected. Our destination, rather Zombieland, was Baywatch Resort in South Goa. We had already been divided into eight 'Zombie' teams at the preview event: Blood Suckers, Brain Eaters, Corpseys, Meat Puppets, Numb Bodies, Sinisters, The Walking Dead, and Zombatrons.

As the teams reached the 'Zombieland' they got a glimpse of celebration and partying that awaited them later in the evening. The evening was the highlight of the day as it was time for all the zombies to perform their Master Survival Task. As the night fell, the teams came out of their zombie hideouts, dressed in their best zombie attire, all set to perform for the night.

Eight performances, some dance, some drama and some a bit of both, headlined the evening's event. But in the end, it was Team Meat Puppets who walked away with the cash prize for their enthralling special effects filled horror skit.

Day 2 of the celebrations kick started with a relay race activity that saw the teams putting forth their best team effort. But it was Team Sinisters who showed the way, winning this activity and bagging the cash prize. The day also ended on a high note, as Team Vserv continued with the celebrations and reveled at the evening pool party.

Here's a glimpse of the two days of Vserv's 6th anniversary celebrations. Also check out the full set of pictures from Day 1 and Day 2

Day 1_2

The stage was set and all the 8 Zombie teams performed their Master Survival Task superbly

Day 1_1

Some of the best scary, undead, zombie makeup we’ve ever seen

Day 2_1

Teamwork was on full display on Day 2!

Day 2_2

Pool party scenes before Team Vserv hit the floor

Day 2_3

Double the fun as our Southeast Asia team joined us for this year’s celebrations!

Day 2_4

Pool party scenes!







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