In today’s global App Economy, In-App Advertising revenue offers the holy grail of monetization to developers.

Revenue from Advertising depends on two important factors : Fill Rate and eCPM.

Fill Rate is the ratio of total Ads shown to the end user, versus the total number of Ads requested by an App. Thus, a high Fill Rate ensures that you don’t miss an opportunity to display an Ad to the user.

eCPM, which stands for effective cost per mille, measures revenue generated for every thousand ad impressions.

Increasing both Fill Rate and eCPM can turbo charge your revenues, and our Global Hybrid Mediation does exactly that!

Global Hybrid Mediation combines our superior MarketPlace with other ad networks across the world to deliver a high fill rate and show the highest paying Ads to your app users, no matter which part of the world they are in.

Here is how our Global Hybrid Mediation is better than other approaches –

1. Server Side Mediation: Unlike other solutions which require integration of multiple SDKs on the Client Side, the Global Hybrid Mediation is Server Side based, thus reducing the footprint of your app. This approach allows you to manage / add / remove ad networks directly from the web interface, without needing you to update your app each time.

2. Zero effort, Single Cheque payment: As part of our Global Hybrid Mediation, we save you the time of signing up for accounts on multiple ad networks, and pay you in one single awesome payment along with your Vserv earnings. No more waiting for each of them to pay you when you hit the respective minimum payout thresholds!

3. Auto Maximization: The Global Hybrid Mediation is based on machine learning algorithms that leverage trends from the billions of Ad Requests we manage to intelligently pick the top performing Ads across all our Ad sources, to boost your eCPM and earnings.

4. Full Choice & Control:  The Global Hybrid Mediation dashboard puts you in control – allowing you to work directly with ad networks of your choice. This way you can use your existing publisher ID of other networks and continue getting paid directly from them and retain control & choice.

5. FREE: The Global Hybrid Mediation is offered completely free as part of our AppWrapper and SDKs to our developer partners. So you don’t spend a dime to maximize your revenue!

We are constantly striving to make sure that our partners receive  Maximum Revenue with Minimum Effort so that they can continue to innovate and push forward the Mobile Ecosystem.

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