Eran Aviv, Doron Gohar and Zach Sivan are three passionate mobile technology enthusiasts. They have been in this business for around 15 years, right from the days of monophonic ringtones. It dawned on them that inspite of the influx of smartphones which help you carry the world in your pocket, the experience of calling someone hasn’t become smarter. Same old: dial a number > talk > hang up.


These 3 mobile mavericks had made up their mind that the user experience after a phone call had to change and hence started Callsome Solutions in the USA. Their first app called ‘CallFlakes’ dramatically improves your post call experience. It helps you get all the necessary information you need on the caller, like – his email id, social connectivity options, ability to schedule a meeting request with him and even access to his facebook timeline and more! In short – “following up” with the person who you spoke with, just got as easy as pie!

To make sure that the app was available to everybody – they decided to go the FREE app route. They figured that giving away the app for free would generate extensive global downloads and allow them to:

1. Create a massive platform – on which other developers could create interesting extensions.

2. Enable in-app advertising – income from which would only keep growing the more free downloads got!

Fact File
Name Eran Aviv, Doron Gohar & Zach Sivan
Location USA
Connect Website, Facebook
Apps Android

Faced with the decision to pick the right Mobile Advertising solution, the team at Callsome chose the Mobile Ad Network! (aka – yours truly). Elaborating on the decision, the Callsome team state “ is one of our most valuable partners when it comes to monetizing CallFlakes. Selecting them for monetization was a simple decision as their cloud based Global Hybrid Mediation solution is extremely unique, very powerful – and FREE! It has helped us monetize our app globally, at the same time reduced our development effort”

Having solved the monetization aspect, the Callsome team is now working on the next step of making CallFlakes a platform for other developers. This will help drive adoption and innovation on top of the CallFlakes platform by providing tools to other developers to plug into it & extend capabilities of CallFlakes.

We wish the 3 awesome founders & team at Callsome all the very best. May their Apps live long & prosper!

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