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June 25, 2015
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Mobile Ads + Buy Button = a mobile marketing winning formula
July 7, 2015

Castrol showed the way to enjoying a smooth and stress-free drive with this mobile ad


Castrol Magnatec featuredLong serpentine lines of traffic is a common scenario in a lot of countries. For most motor vehicles, that's when 75% of engine wear and tear occurs. To address this issue, leading automotive oil and lubricant brand Castrol had launched a new product in Indonesia – Castrol Magnatec Start & Stop, that promised to reduce this engine wear and tear.

The idea behind this mobile ad campaign was to create awareness among Indonesian male consumers between 18-25, about the trouble and stress their car engine goes through during daily commutes when stuck in traffic. At the same time, Castrol also wanted to promote the launch of its new product Castrol Magnatec Start & Stop.

One Innovation to showcase another
We devised a creative strategy using a mobile ad unit that would capitalize on the hardware capabilities of the device. A rich media banner using the HTML5 capability that leveraged the sensors on the smartphone to create shake functionality was designed featuring a car traveling down the road in traffic. To start the car, the user had to shake his smartphone. The car would travel a small distance, encounter an obstacle and stop again. The user had to shake his smartphone again to start the car.

The idea was to create the experience of frustration and stress that youngsters in Indonesia go through often, especially when they are stuck in city traffic and to relate this real-world experience with stress the car engine goes through each time it is fired and stopped in traffic.

The ad would then showcase that while traffic is something one cannot control, the stress on the engine can definitely be reduced with Castrol Magnatec Start and Stop. Users would then be prompted to learn more about Castrol Magnatec and the ad would direct them to the website. A mobile ad that imitates the experience of a car engine starting and stopping was a highly engaging and interactive way of getting the message across to a wider audience.

A smooth ride to success
Through this campaign, Castrol was able to deliver over 110,787 clicks and over 1500 people interacted with the banner till the end and clicked on the call to action button to know more about the product with an average dwell / engagement time of 25 seconds.

Through a simple yet innovative and interactive creative, the mobile ad campaign was able to create awareness among the target audience about the wear and tear that an engine goes through in city traffic. The ad was able to effectively get the message across that Castrol Magnatec Start & Stop helps reduce the stress on engine in heavy traffic conditions.


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